Repairing an early ford fuse box for glass fuses. Mustang, falcon, comet, fairlane and others. Part 2

Repairing a Mustang, Falcon or early Ford fuse fox. (part 2)


Next, with a clean box it's time to put the new clips in place.

Materials Needed:

  • same number of fuse holders (clips) as you removed before
  • a 40 watt (or better) soldering iron
  • a hammer
  • a flat tool.

The first step is to "tin" the flat base of each clip, this will allow us to solder each cable back in place again.

After that, we only need to push every clip in place gently with a flat tool and a hammer.


Now we have to make two bridges “tining" about one inch of 12 gauge cable and solder it to every corner opposite to the mounting holes.


Use a "before" picture as a reference to place the connections.

Rewire the back of the fuse box, you can use terminals or sorder wires directly, there’s not an only way to do things.


Finally, put a new set of fuses and we are done!


This tutorial is also published at instructables. You can buy fuses and clips for this project here.

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