Installing non volatile ram on GameBoy DMG GBC cartridge. It means no more batteries! No more game saves lost! Install NVRAM on GameBoy carts |

GB-NVRAM Installation instructions.

1. Open the cartridge, you may need a  3.8mm security bit. (not included)

Tip: Before install this kit you may need to visually inspect the circuit board, if there's no leaking around the battery you can remove and dispose it accordingly to your local regulations. Repair or discard the cartridge accordingly if there's are any chemicals leaking from the battery over the PCB.

2. Remove the battery and dispose according to your local regulations. Do not attempt the next step without removing the battery, fail to do so may lead to personal injury.

3. Identify size/type and remove the original RAM.

4. Install the new Non Volatile RAM (NVRAM) chip, it is a direct replacement, check the right  chip position for pin number 1. Use a sharp soldering iron for better results.

Tip: keep in mind that the chip must be right in the center to make a good electrical connection, in some cases the new chip may be slightly thinner (narrower) than the original one, improper alignment and loose soldering points may cause malfunction.

5. To install the NVRAM Driver Board, peel off the back of the board and stick it over the empty battery slot

It will safely remain in place by itself.

6. Wire as described in the connection diagram.

7. Close the cartridge and enjoy, you will never need a backup battery again!

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