Non volatile ram upgrade for Game Boy DMG and GBC cartridges. It means no more batteries! No more game saves lost! Non volatile RAM Upgrade for SNES & SFC cartridges |

Non volatile RAM Upgrade for GameBoy DMG & GBC cartridges and a few SNES & SFC ones.

Back in the nineties, Game Boy cartridges used a very unreliable combination of RAM chips with a backup battery to save game advances and player profiles. 

Over time those batteries tend to run out and leak hazardous materials that may cause personal injuries, data loss and permanent damage to the cartridge.

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With this upgrade you can solve all those problems by replacing the original RAM chip for a Non Volatile Memory (NVRAM) that does not require a battery to save your data, it means no more batteries, no more cartridges damaged by battery leaking, no more game records lost!

This kit does not fix a cartridge with damages from a leaking battery.

We offer two memory sizes in NVRAM upgrade kits for GameBoy cartridges, 8K and 32K, before going any further it's a good idea to identify the RAM onboard the cartridge. This will help you to choose the proper upgrade kit according to your application.

Kit includes: 

  • 1 x NVRAM chip (8 or 32 kbyte)
  • 1 x NVRAM driver board
  • 1 x ft wire
  • 1 x  wiring diagram

This kit works on most DMG & GBC cartridges plus some SNES & SFC ones!

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Q: How can I choose the proper upgrade kit?

A: Identify ram chip onboard your cartridge following this tutorial.

Q: How can I get those kits?

A: You can get it here.

Q: Can I install this kit myself?

A: Yes, read the tutorial here.

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