Installing NON VOLATILE RAM on SNES SFC cartridges. It means no more batteries! No more game saves lost! Installation instructions for SNES NVRAM |

NVRAM Installation instructions for 2, 4, 8 & 16 kbyte RAM (SNES & SFC).

NVRAM upgrade kit contents: NVRAM board and mount pins.

1. Open the cartridge, you may need a  3.8mm security bit. (not included)

Once you know the memory size needed based on the installed type and amount of ram onboard the cartridge, you can get the proper kit here.


Tip: Before install this kit you may need to open the cartridge and visually inspect the circuit board. If there is a leaking battery you should repair or dispose.


2. Remove the battery and dispose according to your local regulations. Do not attempt the next step without removing the battery, fail to do so may lead to personal injury.

3. Identify RAM size and remove the original chip. If you can’t identify the ram chip or memory size, see additional notes.


4. Install the new Non Volatile RAM (NVRAM) chip, it is a direct replacement, check the right  chip position for pin number 1. Use a sharp soldering iron for better results.


NVRAM upgrade kit contents: NVRAM board and mount pins.


5. Close the cartridge and enjoy, you will never need a backup battery again!

NVRAM Installation instructions for SMD (surface mount device) RAM.


Kits and installation instructions for 8 and 32kbyte SMD RAM are the same for GameBoy cartridges, you can find specific instructions here.

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